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S. Rose Pearson

Certified Massage Therapist

Professional Reflexologist

Holistic Health Advisor

Spiritual Counselor

CAMTC Cert. # 43962

Education Background

Therapeutic Health Technician


Student Ambassador

Maric College, Salida CA


* Massage Therapist

* Physical Therapy Aide

* Chiropractic Assistant

* Occupational Therapy Aide


Certified Massage Therapist & Reflexologist

Body Tune Up School of Massage Therapy Stockton, CA


*Professional Reflexology

*Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

*Tuina Chinese Massage Therapy

*Prenatal Massage Therapy

*Qi Gong Massage Therapy

Certified Western Massage Therapist


Holistic Life Institute of Learning Oakdale, CA


*Western Massage Therapy

*Holistic Health Advisor

*Aroma Therapy


Burn Scar Massage Therapist

National Holistic Institute Sacramento CA


*Burn Scar Massage Therapy

Advanced Myofascial Cupping

Dr. Jared Cooper PT, CMTPT


*Professional Myofascial Cupping

Spiritual Counselor

The Waking Heart

Cheyenne Maloney

2001 - 2019



With over 19+ years of experience, Rose Pearson is a highly skilled massage therapist at Therapeutic Healing Clinic in Manteca, California (CA). Her goal is to improve each client's quality of life in every session. 

After working with a chiropractor for several years, Rose has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge that allows her to determine the root cause of a client's pain, and find a solution that will give them long-term relief.

Rose offers customized therapeutic medical massage and holistic health services in Manteca, California (CA) that leave clients feeling balanced and relaxed. Her services include a customized plan using therapeutic medical massage modalities, holistic health services as well as chakra balancing and spiritual counselling. Drawing from her background with 18+ years experience, Rose helps her clients find a solution that works for them and improves their quality of life. 

Rose has the expertise and training to provide them with an extraordinary experience.

At Therapeutic Healing Clinic in Manteca, California (CA), 

Rose Pearson offers a variety of services that benefit overall health and wellness.


Ask for a One Hour Customized Therapeutic Medical Massage for $80.

Automatically get Essential Oils and Hot Stones for the tight muscles of your back.

Finish off the Massage with Reflexology.

All included in the One Hour Customized Therapeutic Medical Massage for $80.

All Services Are By Appointment Only


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