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Spiritual Counseling & The Waking Heart

$120 Session



I am a teacher of the waking heart and have worked consistently with Rose for over a decade. Among the thousands of people I have worked with, she shines as someone who carries an innate comprehension of the Conscious heart center that rests patiently in all of us. Her work is not merely technical, but is inspired by and grounded in the deep layers of her being. Her therapeutic massage can release what is stored in your body, and her energy work offers you the freedom to live through your own awakening heart.

- Cheyenne Maloney

Na'alehu. HI 2019


Feb 2019

I had a shift with Rose Pearson less than a week ago. I am feeling back to myself again after a long time. I feel centered in the Heart. I don't feel as stuck in the normal mundane patterning that I was in. Rose works from the Heart. She is able to bring in the Healing Presence. I am utterly grateful to get my life back. I live in San Diego and would happily drive/fly to Manteca, Ca to get another shift with Rose.

Thank you.


Licensed Acupuncturist


Recently, I had a session with Rose Pearson where she shifted the lens of my soul. From the moment I entered her healing room, I felt held in an unfathomable depth of love. With her touch, there was an assurance, that no matter what the next few moments brought, there was safety here. As I sat in that really odd chair, there was a sense of sinking deeply into the Self. As she worked, there was a 'groundedness', a solidness, a permanence, a sense that something very real and ancient was happening. The outcome of the shift seems to be a greater sense of lightness, of not taking the 'day to day' so seriously, and a deeper realization of whatever it is that I am."

- Dr. Frederick Kennedy D.C.


I have seen Rose for Therapeutic Massage for the past three years. She has taught me how to remain grounded and it has been very stabilizing in all aspects of my life. At a point, Rose talked with me about living through my heart and recently I began a series of energetic shifts intended to align and center me in the spiritual heart. The shifts have been remarkable. My first shift was life changing! Afterward, I was quite emotional, but also i felt very refreshed, balanced, and positive. My whole inner being was opened into a new passage of my life.

Several weeks after my first shift, I had a second one. Since then, I feel like a completely different person and I look at my surroundings and relationships in a much more positive view. My stress level is enormously reduced and I am told I have a different glow. I have a third shift scheduled with Rose and am happily anticipating whatever it brings me.

I am so grateful to know Rose, to have her in my life, and to teach me. I cannot recommend her highly enough as woman, healer, mentor, and a friend in my life. Thank you, Rose!

- Jennifer Esparza


The Waking Heart Session




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